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GAM 2011 - Raport

Ukazał się właśnie raport podsumowujący Światowy Miesiąc Astronomii 2011. "Putting the world spotlight on astronomy for the entire month of April 2011, Global Astronomy Month 2011 (GAM 2011)-Astronomers Without Borders' second annual month-long sky celebration-brought together new ideas, new opportunities, and night-sky enthusiasts worldwide, all affirming and celebrating One People, One Sky.
More than 40 programs and events filled the month of April 2011 during the second annual Global Astronomy Month.  Enthusiasts in more than 140 countries took part in a broad range of programs highlighting Saturn, the Moon, the Sun, a meteor shower and more.  Observing was the most common program activity.  Thousands viewed through telescopes provided by amateur astronomers and science centers, and online programs with live interaction between the host and attendees extended the opportunity to thousands more regardless of location or local circumstances.  The importance of dark skies was also stressed in several programs along with new, innovative programs such as the popular Astropoetry Blog and a live, online performance that included images sent on a half-million mile round-trip to the Moon and back.' - tyle ze strony Astronomers Without Borders., a dla przypomnienia tamtych klimatów zrealizowany wówczas przy pomocy WWT film:

Mam nadzieję, że również w przyszłym roku zostanie przeprowadzona podobna sesja. Wstępna rozpiska GAM 2012 już jest.  

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